Review policy

I’m interested in a variety of genres that include : Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Fairy Tales & Mythology, Classic literature and Historical novels (19th century in particular, but really almost anything is fine). Even though I can be interested in books out of my comfort zones, what I’m always falling for are are well-written stories with great characters and great character development.

The books I don’t particularly tend to gravitate towards are straightforward romance novels (although it does depend on the book, I can say that I’m not generally interested, especially love-triangles), erotic novels, stories with overtly religious tones, and children/middle grade books (and everything written in France since the 1900s).

Review information

I’m happy to review any book that falls under the categories mentioned above, and I accept review requests by authors, publishers, or whoever else might be interested. I accept ARCs and finished copies – physical copies as well as e-books (e-pub and PDF formats are fine).

I can be contacted at My email address is also available on the little mail button in the right column for easier access. All my reviews will be posted both on this blog and on Goodreads (on Amazon too, if requested).

I will try to review the book as quickly as possible, but if you have a time frame, let me know.

Rating system


Absolutely loved it / I’m in love / Go buy this book now

For me, a 5 means that the story was close to perfection, that the writing was on point, the characters interesting and the plot kept leaving me wanting more. I know a 5-star rating can be pretty rare in the reviewing world, but I’m not afraid to give a 5 if the story was that good. It’s not so much about the book itself being without any flaws, it’s more about me finding the book fascinating, attention-grabbing enough to completely forgive the times it wasn’t so.


Really amazing

Considerably the rating I give the most often. It means that I connected with the story and its characters and I’ll definitely recommend it to people if given the chance. It’s not missing much to having me completely addicted.


Great / Pretty good

For me, 3 is still a good rating, or at least compared to what I’ve seen. Three isn’t bad, and three isn’t just ‘meh’ but it’s still a degree below that feeling of being completely grabbed by the book.


Okay / Passable

This is my ‘meh’ rating. The story was okay, the characters were okay, but everything left me a bit indifferent and this is probably a book that won’t stay with me for years and years.


Not good / Disappointing

Everything was basically awful from beginning to end, I struggled to finish the book and I was insanely glad when it ended. The book might have had a few salvaging moments but overall, it wasn’t enough to balance the scales. I don’t tend to give it that often because I’m really picky when it comes to reading books, and I usually make the right choices, but I’m not impervious to bad decisions.


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