Review : The Institute

24340711Title : The Institute
Author : Kayla Howarth
Published : January 7th 2015


(I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

Allira Daniels will do anything to keep her Defective brother safe from the Institute. They claim to protect Defectives, but it’s human nature to fear the unknown [and] to Allira and the rest of her family, the Institute seems more like a prison than the safe-haven they promote themselves to be. When Allira stumbles across a car crash involving two of her school classmates, she ignores all of her father’s warnings of laying low and not drawing attention to herself. By doing so, she may have just caught the eye of the Institute.
Allira and her family need to make decisions. Do they stay, or do they flee again? Will they be coming for her?
Are you Defective? The Institute is coming for you.

Rating :


COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER, but it’s got potential


Okay, so this is a hard one for me.

You know, some books manage to grab your attention from the first chapter, and others take longer, you find yourself haflway through the book and suddenly you can’t put it down. Well, this is not how it went with this book.

I’ve actually never been so frustrated and angry than after reading the “prologue”. To me, it wasn’t a prologue at all, it had barely any exposition, and served absolutely no purpose whatsoever. I was thinking of dozens of scenes I would have rather began with as I was reading it (like, maybe introducing Ebbodine before doing the big time jump ???), so by the time I got to chapter 1, I was actually really angry and pushing myself to read more and finish the book.

It got slightly better as the story progresses, Tate and Chad were good additions, the whole Allira/Drew thing was terribly annoying even before she found out he was a complete twat, but on the whole, I can’t say I enjoyed this book (the ending was also really damn predictable !).

I realize that my judgement is slightly biased by the fact that life got really busy all of a sudden and I couldn’t even find time to continue reading, so that’s why I’m kind of up-rating this book (I would say it’s more of a 2.5), but the book didn’t make me want to come back to it either.

But while it didn’t work for me, I can see that the story’s got potential. The idea is pretty great too, it’s just that the magic didn’t work on me.


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