Sunday Post – July 2015

Sunday Post

Blogging beginner, summer vacation and French musicals.

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I’m really happy to introduce this new feature ! Sunday Post is sort of a monthly digest/recap where I’ll remind you of everything that happened during the month on Book Poisoning, but also what’s to come, and what interested me on the blogosphere during that time. I could have done a regular recap, but the idea of a sort of monthly letter was too good to pass up.

Every Sunday Posts can be found on the ‘Features’ page.

So, what happened this month ? Let’s check it out !


My little blog is already 2 months old. How time flies !

I’m not a fast reader and that’s okay ! – This is really something that I slowly realized the more in depth I went into the book blogging world. I knew it before I even started this blog. This post retraces how I’ve come to terms with that.

Review : Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell  Rated : 5 cookies – The story of two magicians in the early 1800s, and their quest to restore magic to its former glory and to England. This book is absolutely amazing, hence the 5-star rating, from start to finish.

Down memory lane : Digging through my old books – I was back home for a couple of weeks, such a much needed break from Paris, and I took this opportunity to highlight some of my favourite old books, the ones I’ve read for classes in middle-school, and even some graphic novels I bought some time ago. It was very soothing to get back to my precious books.

Liebster Award – My first award as a blogger ! Everyone is so nice !

Review : Pretty Dancer  Rated : 3 cookies – Lilly is one step away from getting into the dance school of her dreams, but between her first and facing what the past few years put on her, things aren’t so easy. Even though it’s definitely YA Romance, I surprisingly liked this book.

I also joined in on two wonderful Harry Potter memes as a celebration of Harry Potter’s and JK Rowling’s birthday :

There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name – The Harry Potter tag. It was really fun to answer all these questions.

OTP meme : Harry Potter – Maybe a regular thing, maybe not. For its first time, it was all about your favourite pairing in the Harry Potter universe. Mine is Sirius/Remus.

I’m also on Twitter now ! @BookPoisoning


I’m always writing new things but never know when or in which order to post them but, I want to start blogging more regularly, at least 2 posts per week, not including the weekly features. I hope I’ll manage to do that. In any case, I can assure you that these will be posted in August :

Review : Pride & Prejudice (by Jane Austen) – I was actually planning on finishing in July, but you know how it goes. Expect it in the next few days.

The problem with reviewing – Or more like, the benefits of reviewing.

Choosing the right edition a.k.a Books with bad covers – I’m so difficult to please, I know, I’m very picky and there’s nothing worse than ugly book covers.

How far would you go for your favourite books ? – A lovely meme I’ve seen going around, I just couldn’t resist.

And probably/definitely more to come !


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If you want one of your posts to feature here, just leave a link in the comments, I’d be happy to add it !


I’m finally going to see the Harry Potter exhibition ! It’s been in Paris since March or April, and I really hope it’s as awesome at it sounds. In any case, I’m not leaving without my wand. Also, probably expect a post about it at some point !


Two things about me : I’m French and I love musicals. This combination doesn’t necessarily make me happy because, in France, musical theatre isn’t as huge or mainstream as Broadway or West End can be. It’s like I’m in a long-distance relationship with musical theatre. Then, there’s also the fact that when we do musicals here, we do it a bit differently. And though they definitely have huge budgets and great success here, they’re also a bit sub-par in terms of story-telling compared to the others. That doesn’t mean that I can’t fangirl over them, because I do.

They did a Robin Hood musical, which is a sort of sequel/fix-it story, in which Marianne (Marian ?) survives and goes to live on the other side of the Sherwood forest, where she offers refuge to all those persecuted by the Sheriff, and where she raised her and Robin’s son, without Robin knowing about it. 15 years later, said son goes and falls in love with the Sheriff’s only daughter (very Romeo and Juliet), and daddy-Robin is here to the rescue and intends to put an end to the Sheriff’s rule. In the middle of all this, Little John and Friar Tuck have the most homoerotic subtext I’ve seen in a French musical. And when – spoiler alert – Little John dies during the final battle, Friar Tuck sings this heartbreaking song over his dead body. He keeps gently touching him, and saying that their “lives know each other by heart, they’re following each other as soulmates”. Very touching, especially when it’s put into perspective by a previous scene between Robin and Marianne, in which Marianne is badly wounded, and they’re holding each other very tight, because they think it’s their last moment together and, yeah. This is not me reading too much into it.

Now, the problem is that French things don’t have the same global impact than, say, Hollywood movies, which means that I’m in desperate need of Little John/Friar Tuck fanfiction and can’t find any, because no one non-French has seen that musical ! Woe is me ! What have I done to deserve this ?


Who’s excited about Mockingjay Part 2 ? November is far away !


See you next month for, hopefully, tons of other exciting stuff !

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