OTP meme : Harry Potter

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Should I stop with the memes ? But this one was so tempting ! It’s a bi-monthly feature, every 1st and 15th of the month, and I don’t know if I’ll participate everytime, but I’m really glad someone thought about that.

Why is it important to me ? Because I was a shipper before I even knew what shipping was, because rooting for fictional couples is both fun and painful, because at this point I have a whole fleet, and it’s getting bigger with each new book, new movie or new TV show. I need to let some of it out.

This episode : your OTP in Harry Potter.



Ever had that pairing that makes you go “WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AALLLL”, well almost all my ships are like that, I’m one desperate soul. For me, Sirius and Remus is what could have been if everything hadn’t been so screwed up, and I’m not the only one to have seen that, because even the actors played it like there was something more between those two.

Why do I think they belong together ? Beside the fact that they’re friends, that Sirius’ animagus form is the perfect match for Remus’ wolf, they also match and complete each other on tons of other things : they’re both outcasts in their own way (Remus with his lycanthropy, Sirius among his family), they both had a difficult childhood (friendless for Remus, and at least verbally abusive for Sirius)., and they both found solace and acceptance in their little group. Sirius’ loud, expressive and sort of devil-may-care behaviour would totally be a match Remus’ more quiet and reserved cleverness and mischievousness (he was a Marauder after all). They would balance each other out, without erasing their own traits.

It makes canon even more deliciously angsty. Imagine the pure betrayal Remus must have felt after the Whomping Willow incident, all because Sirius couldn’t stop and think for two seconds, and let his mouth run without filters. Imagine their relationship fracturing during the war, with Remus on missions with other werewolves, forced to keep his work a secret, and the torture it must have been to think that one of the most important person to you could be stabbing you all in the back. And their reunion, after all these years, knowing the truth at last, only to be permanently seperated so soon after. I kind of want to cry now, what have I done ?

And, if you tell me that lycanthropy is a metaphor for aids, then you have to go with that metaphor until the end, and acknowledge that Remus could be bisexual (that’s what I rooted for), it would only make sense.

So many reasons for me to ship these two, and I can’t quite articulate all of them, but I’m with them until the end. It’s one of the first pairing I shipped for real.

reddividerTalk to me about your favourite HP pairing !

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