Review : Pretty Dancer

24964637Title : Pretty Dancer
Author : Cora Graham
Published : February 17th 2015


(I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

A story about a girl who pours everything she has into her dancing. Her dream? To get accepted into The Elite Academy of Dance, and spend the rest of her life dancing on stage. To her, that’s easier than dealing with the demons from her past and the scars they left on the person she has become today. A smart mouthed, take no shit, tough girl who’s also scared, lonely, and closed off to accepting anyone new into her heart.
But in the process of wearing a hole in her ballet slippers, and the help of an ever faithful best friend, her bull headed and overprotective twin brother, and a certain boy who knows how to push her buttons, leaves her wanting for things she never thought she’d want, and just does it for her, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe, there is something more worth fighting her demons for.

Rating :


It manageD to hook me


Hey, pretty dancer. Think you could put on a private show for me ?”

First of all, I’m actually really surprised that I ended up liking this book. Okay, it sounds really bad when I put it like that. The thing is, I first got interested in this book because it was about a dancer. Dancing has always been super important to me, and I’m sort of currently looking for more books about dancers and dancing that doesn’t involve a former ballerina telling her story (not that it’s not interesting, it’s just that there’s so much more to dancing than ballet, and it’s driving me crazy not to find anything good !), but this book turned out to be more about a girl who happens to love dancing, falling in love and overcoming her demons. Anyone who knows me knows that love-stories aren’t really my cup of tea, so I have all the rights to be surprised by the outcome here.

I liked this book. The story managed to captivate me, I, surprisingly, actually liked all the characters, despite their many flaws (seriously Luke’s over-protectiveness got a bit old, and not cute at all, after a while), I think it was mostly well-paced, even if the ending was a bit too rushed, it felt like the author wanted to wrap-up as many sub-plots as possible, which actually doesn’t really leave any loose ends (that I can see, at least), so that’s another good point. The romance itself was exquisitely slow-burn, you have both characters desperately and so obviously pining for each other, you really feel like they earned their little happy ending.

The only downsides are the several typos throughout the book, it gets a bit annoying, and also, sometimes the narrative gets a bit repetitive, and there are a few clichés here and there, but it’s not actually that difficult to go past that and focus on the story. Obviously, since I‘ve succeeded.

I still consider that it’s not really a book for me, it was cute and all, but since I’m not the kind of reader to go for the romance, it sort of leaves me … not disappointed exactly, but not completely satisfied either, even if you can feel Lilly’s passion for dancing and her determination to make her dream become a reality. But it’s a very fluffy book, despite the very important angst, and it sort of has the same effect as a feel-good movie.

So, for those who are more into romance, this book is definitely for them. For me, I’ll settle for saying that this journey was an unexpected little success, which is not a small feat at all.


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