Expending on the social media front

I'm on Twitter now !

Okay, so I’m sort of a social media junkie. Back in the day, I had several MySpace accounts, and several personal blogs (all on a very famous – at the time – French platform), and Merlin knows what I was doing with all of them (why did I need so many ?!!). I’m on Tumblr, I’m on Goodreads, and I’ve had a personal Twitter account since 2009 that I haven’t used it at all (same goes for Instagram and Pinterest). And now that I have a blog, I thought it might cool/fun/useful to make another account. Yes, I have a problem. But this one is for my blog, you see !

From now on, you can also find me @BookPoisoning. I’ll be posting blog updates, probably quotes and pictures – I’ll probably be retweeting a lot too – anything remotely bookish that may happen to me, and generally try to get the hang of Twitter. Lots of fun, yeah !

(Okay, but the real reason is that I wanted to put the Twitter icon in my sidebar. Look how cute it is ! It also makes a perfect line and I find that aesthetically pleasing …)

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